Purchase Orders - Quick Receive a PO

The Quick Receive feature allows you to efficiently receive a Purchase Order in only just a few clicks. This process is ideal for basic Stock Receipts, or domestic Purchase Orders where there are no payments or currency conversions involved.

Quick Receive is available for Incomplete, On-Order and Back-Order Purchase Orders.

For information on more detailed methods of Stock Receipts please refer to the below articles:

Quick Receive a Purchase Order

The Quick Receive button is available when creating a new PO, however for the instructions below we'll assume the PO has already been entered. 

To Quick Receive a PO:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > PO Management > PO Manager
  2. Search for the PO
  3. Click the Edit icon to open the PO for editing
    Tip: Do not click the R button to Receive the PO - that will take you to the detailed Receive feature
  4. Click Quick Receive
  5. The Quick Receive window will be displayed
  6. Enter a Supplier Invoice Number (optional)
    Tip: If this was already entered when the PO was created this field will be automatically populated
  7. Select whether to Include Tax
  8. Enter the Costs
    Note: These costs will be distributed among the COGS for all products on the PO based on their value. To control whether the costs are applied based on quantity, weight or value, please use the full Stock Receipt feature.
  9. Review the Purchase Order Summary
  10. Click Receive and Make Available 
  11. A message will be displayed to confirm the inventory will be updated
  12. Click OK