Special Orders - Special Orders Overview

The Special Orders feature is an efficient ordering system. Once staff process a customer order in POS the process of a linked supply chain is triggered, right from supplier order through to customer delivery. The feature has been designed for products sourced on demand directly from a supplier at the time the customer places their order, rather than stock that's already at the Outlet.

Special Orders are ideal for products that are either low or out of stock completely, or products that are not actively stocked but still available to order from the supplier.

Using Special Orders, you can track the inventory throughout the entire supply chain: Customer order, Purchase Order, Transfer (if required), and finally the Customer Order fulfilment. 


We recommend familiarising yourself with the following processes before using Special Orders:

The Special Orders feature is not available for Cash & Carry sales (as products that need to be ordered from the supplier won't be available to dispatch to the customer immediately). 

There are two different process flows for Special Orders, depending on whether a Transfer is required to move the stock from the Source Outlet to the Fulfil outlet. 

Direct Special Order (click to view full size)

Special_Order_with_Transfer.jpgSpecial Order with Transfer (click to view full size)

Before you Begin

Before you begin creating Special Orders, there are settings to be configured to match your business requirements:

Security Permissions

Special Orders includes two new features you can optionally enable to access the full range of features:

  • Special Orders Report - enables access to the new Special Orders Report (configured via Profile Security)
  • Allow Fulfilment for Unavailable Special Orders - allows staff to fulfil a Special Order when the ordered stock has not yet been received and made available at the Fulfil Outlet (configured via POS security)
Minimum Deposit If preferred, you can configure a separate minimum deposit rule for your Special Order items (compared to regular items). This can be configured as either a $ or % amount. The Minimum Deposit is configured in POS - Order Settings
Order Conditions Display unique Terms and Conditions on invoices containing Special Order items; you can also configure general conditions as well as separate Terms and Conditions for different fulfilment methods. Refer to the Order Conditions article for instructions.

Special Orders Training Video Series


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