Special Orders - Selling Special Order Items

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Special Orders start at the point of creating a sale in POS. Items are marked as Special Orders, the customer details are entered and a payment taken (either a deposit or payment in full) and the order created. 

There are no special requirements for setting up a Product to be sold as a Special Order item - as long as the product has been created in Retail Express, it can be sold as a Special Order item from within POS. 

Note: Customer Orders can contain both Special Order items and regular Order items.

Special Orders Video Series

Creating a Special Order Sale

To create a sale containing Special Order items:

  1. Open POS
  2. Create a Sale
  3. Add a product to the sale
  4. Click the Basket icon on the product line to open the prompt to select Special Orders
    Tip: You can also select the Special Orders icon by double clicking (press & hold on devices and touch screens) to open the Edit Product screen, or Bulk Edit using the Pencil icon under the PLU scan field.
  5. Select a different Fulfilment Method if required (delivery, warehouse pickup etc)
  6. Click Update
  7. The icon for the product row will be updated to indicate a Special Order item 
  8. Click the Customers tab and enter a Customer for the sale
  9. Click the Fulfilment tab
  10. Double click (tap & hold on devices) on the product line to open the Fulfilment Details
  11. To create a Transfer update the Source From and Fulfil From locations by double clicking (press & hold on devices) for individual products or Bulk Edit using the Pencil icon
    Note: Transfers required for Special Order items are created automatically when the Purchase Order is received at the Source From location
  12. Enter a Due Date
  13. Click Done 
  14. Add a Payment for the sale
    Tip: If your sale has both regular items and Special Order items, your Minimum Deposit will be at the rate of your configured Special Order minimum deposit plus your regular item Minimum Deposit value.
  15. Make an edits to the sale as required
  16. Click Finalise

Retail Express will create Purchase Orders ready to review and send to your Supplier/s. For information on how to process the PO, refer to the Special Orders - Process a Purchase Order article. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Purchase Order is created immediately after the POS sale is finalised. This PO is linked to the customer sale in POS.

if you need to delete a Special Order item, you'll also need to remove the product from the Purchase Order (assuming you no longer wish to order the product). 

To delete a Special Order item:

  1. POS - Delete the product from the sale in POS (for detailed information on this process refer to POS - Managing Products on a Sale)
  2. Purchase Order - Delete the product from the Purchase Order (you will be unable to do this step until the product has been removed from the linked order in POS)

If you add additional products to the sale in POS after the sale was originally finalised, these products will be created on a separate Purchase Order. 

You can consolidate the items onto a single order if required, to ensure you only need to send a single Purchase Order to your supplier. Refer to the Special Orders - Process a Purchase Order article for more information.

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