Product Development Roadmap

Last updated: 10th February 2021

Retail Express is dedicated to continuous product improvement, with new and exciting features being released regularly. Our Product Road Map below details the plans for the future, with information on our current development tasks, as well the features released previously.

In addition to the below features, we frequently release product improvements and resolutions as part of our regular development cycle. Included with each update are Release Notes, covering each feature in detail. Click here to view all previous release notes.

*Please note: This roadmap is under constant review and as such should not be considered an agreed, committed development plan, but rather an indicative guide to the currently planned features to be added to the product. Features may be modified, reprioritised or removed completely from the Roadmap at any time.

Click on each tab to view details of upcoming/released features.

In Progress

The following features are currently in development. Please note the release ETA is an estimate only and may change.

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Status Section Summary Description
In Progress Back Office Offline POS Improvements to the Offline POS capabilities
In Progress Back Office Dashboard A new Retail Dashboard for a quick overview of your business
In Progress Back Office Packages Upload Ability to mass create and update Product Packages via Mass Upload, using an Excel template.
In Progress Shopify Priority Shipping Ability to accept orders with delivery timeframes for customers in specific locations e.g. 3 hours.
In Progress Back Office Split Fulfilment Improved fulfilment of customer orders by splitting the order into different fulfilment groups e.g. products with the shortest distance between fulfilment location and customer.
In Progress Back Office Promotional Campaigns Enhancements
In Progress Integrations David Jones and The Iconic New Integrations with third-party systems for David Jones and The Iconic
In Progress Back Office Shippit Enhancements Addition of Priority Shipping

Planned - POS/Back Office

The features listed below are currently Planned, but a Release Date has not yet been finalised.

Section Summary Description Status
Products Unit of Measure Specify units for products and sell them in varying different units e.g. Sell as a box or units individually Planned
Orders Sales Orders Create Sales Orders for future Fulfilment and Invoicing (you can manage multiple Invoices from a single Sales Order). Sales Orders won't appear in the Sales Report until they have been fulfilled and invoiced. Planned
Products Department/Category Hierarchy Sort products into a Department/Category hierarchy for easier maintenance and reporting Planned
Products Multiple Suppliers per Product Currently there is one default Supplier per product, although the product can be purchased from any Supplier. This feature enables the ability to have multiple Suppliers nominated for the product Planned
Products Serial Number Tracking Tracking Serial Numbers against individual products and sales Planned
Accounting MYOB Cloud Integration Integration with the MYOB Cloud Accounting software Planned
General Time display by Outlet Display time stamps for transactions in a local timezone based on Outlet Planned
General Mac OSX Compatibility with the Mac OSX Operating System Planned
Products Wholesale Pricing Store separate prices against products specifically for Wholesale selling Planned
Purchase Orders Purchase Orders Major rework to redesign the Purchase Order process Planned
General Tax International Tax functionality Planned

Planned - Shopify

Summary Description Status
Promotional Pricing Integration of Promotional Pricing within Retail Express Planned
Pricing Customer-specific pricing - standard and fixed price groups Planned
Product labels Ability to rename product attributes on Shopify e.g. "Colour" can be renamed to "Flavour" Planned
Shopify-created product compatibility Compatibility with products created on Shopify e.g. tickets, Shopify Gift Cards Planned
Loyalty Points Visibility & Redemption Ability to view a customer's current loyalty points balance, and redeem points against a sale.  Planned
Product Image Synchronisation Share product images between Retail Express and Shopify Planned
Synchronisation Status Ability to check the status of product synchronisations within the Retail Express Back Office Planned
Promotional Campaigns Compatibility with Retail Express Promotional Campaign functionality (including scheduling and limitations to specific customer groups) Planned
Custom Products "out of stock" threshold Specify a separate inventory level to display the stock as "out of stock" online e.g. when it reaches 5 in Shopify it will display as out of stock, despite still having products available in Retail Express. Planned
Product-specific source and Fulfilment Ability to control the Source and Fulfilment rules per product. Planned
Inbound PO ETAs Display the ETA of an incoming Purchase Order to the customers on the web store Planned
Integrated Returns Ability to process a refund/return within Retail Express and synchronise to Shopify, and vice versa. Planned


The following features and improvements have already been released to Retail Express. Click on the Article link to view the release notes.

Section Summary Description Link Date
Purchase Orders Quick Matrix Product Create Ability to quickly create a matrix style product with multiple variants e.g. sizes and colours; new user interface Article Link 2021 - February
Purchase Orders Quick Stock Receipt Streamlined method to instantly receive a Purchase Order Article Link 2021 - January
Fulfilment Shippit Integration Synchronise orders to Shippit for booking deliveries Article Link 2020 - November
Inventory Insufficient Stock Replenishment Added the ability to create a PO automatically when there's not enough stock to cover a new sale in POS Article Link 2020 - July
Inventory Special Orders Manage orders for out-of-stock items or Special items with workflows for order placement, purchasing and receiving, and order fulfilment. Article Link 2020 - June
POS Customer Contacted flag A new tick box and notes section is available in POS to flag when a customer has been contacted about their order Article Link 2020 - June
eCommerce API Loyalty Ability to retrieve customer Loyalty Transactions and Expiring Points balances through the API Article Link 2020 - April
POS New Product Filters for Transfers Added multiple new filters for the when creating Transfers through POS to make it even easier to find the desired products Article Link 2020 - April
Inventory Additional Scheduled Pricing options Added several new options to extend the Scheduled Pricing Feature including the ability to create a new Promotional Price based on the POS price.  Article Link 2020 - March
Reports Voucher Creation Report New Expiration filters to improve the ability to report on Vouchers Article Link 2020 - March
Reports Package Details Report Added an additional column to the Package Details report Article Link 2020 - March
Transfers Export to Excel fields Added additional fields to the Export to Excel feature when picking stock for Transfers Article Link 2020 - March
POS Payment Types - The Card Network Added a new non-integrated Payment Type "The Card Network" to allocate payments to Article Link  
Loyalty Loyalty Enhancements New additions to the Loyalty feature, including Points Expiry, Minimum Points and Adjustment Reasons Article Link 2020 - January
Inventory Scheduled Pricing The ability to schedule price changes in advance Article Link 2020 - January
Purchase Orders Linked Transfers Assign a Transfer Stage for Transfers linked to a PO to be automatically updated to when the PO is received Article Link 2020 - January
Purchase Orders Consolidating Incomplete Orders The ability to merge multiple Incomplete Purchase Orders together to the same order (per Supplier/Outlet combination) Article Link 2020 - January
Payment Methods Openpay Payment Method A new Payment Type to assign payments to (non-integrated) Article Link 2020 - January
Shopify Third-party fulfilment support Support for third-party shipping methods (including tracking number synchronisation) e.g. Shipit Article Link 2019 - November
Customers Default Price Group Ability to select a default Price Group for all newly created customers Article Link 2019 - November
Vouchers Configurable Voucher Type Settings Create a custom message and expiry date for each voucher type Article Link 2019 - November
POS New POS Themes Select new backgrounds for POS Article Link 2019 - November
Reporting Surcharge reconciliation report New report to reconcile surcharges with the Financial Summary Report Article Link 2019 - November
Reporting Sales Detail Export - Custom Attributes Custom Attributes are now available in the Sales Detail Export Report, both as a filtering option and as part of the exporting data. Article Link 2019 - November
Promotions Coupon Codes (Discount Codes) Create and redeem Coupon Codes for a Percentage (%) or Fixed Value ($) discount Article Link 2019 - September
Shopify Product SEO Title Sync Product SEO Titles can be configured within Retail Express to synchronise to the product on Shopify Article Link 2019 - September
Promotions New Promotional Campaign settings New Campaign configuration settings, including Minimum Spend, Dynamic Products (to automatically add products to campaigns, both Qualifying and Benefit Products), Custom Campaign Names and the ability to Duplicate campaigns. Article Link 2019 - September
Loyalty Minimum Points for Redemption The ability to set a Minimum Points for Redemption Value. Customers will not be able to redeem points until the minimum value has been reached. This can be configured based on Available Points, or Points to Date Article Link 2019 - September
Stock Replenishment via Transfers Depleted Stock formula The introduction of a new Depleted Stock formula allows you to easily replenish stock based on depleted stock e.g. products transferred to other Outlets, or fulfilled to customers. Article Link 2019 - July
Accounting Direct Cost integration with Xero Support for Direct Cost provisioning with the Xero integration Article Link 2019 - July
Shopify Click and Collect Ability to view stock levels per Outlet, and nominate an Outlet for collection. The Source and Fulfilment Outlets are set automatically in Retail Express based on the nominated Pickup Location selected by the customer. Includes Google Maps integration. Article Link 2019 - July
API API Enhancements Improvements and new features to key APIs: Inventory Planning, Warehouse Management System, and eCommerce Article Link 2019 - June
Purchase Orders New Matrix Purchase Order Template A revised Purchase Order template for printing and emailing to suppliers. Products are grouped by Style and/or Package. Article Link 2019 - May


Web Orders

Web Order Alerts Improved Web Order Alert functionality displays alerts for Outstanding Web Orders (i.e. have products to be fulfilled or payment is outstanding) instead of displaying alerts for the current date regardless of status. Article Link 2019 - May


Fulfilment Report

Web Store Integration



External Reference on Orders

The field "External Reference" is now displayed in the POS Look Up and Fulfilment Report to easily find orders using external reference numbers.

The Shopify Integration uses the External Reference number to store the external Shopify Sales Number. This field can also be updated with the Web Store API integration (developers will need to update the API to use this functionality).

Article Link 2019 - May
API Enhancements

Warehouse Management API

Inventory Planning API

Web Store API

Various improvements and features added Article Link 2019 - May
Purchase Orders Replenishment via Purchase Order Packages can now be reordered using the Stock Replenishment via Purchase Order feature Article Link 2019 - May
Transfers Scheduled Replenishment via Transfer Users can now schedule a Stock Replenishment via Transfer process to be run on a recurring basis Article Link 2019 - Apr
Shopify  Fulfilment Locations Ability to automatically set the Source and Fulfilment Locations for Shopify Orders based on the Customer's location Article Link 2019 - Apr
API Enhancements

Inventory Planning

Warehouse Management

Webstore Integration

Various improvements and features added Article Link 2019 - Apr
Shopify Vouchers The ability to purchase and redeem Retail Express Gift Vouchers within Shopify Article Link 2019 - Mar
POS Surcharges Surcharges for various payment types to be charged at POS when processing payments Article Link 2019 - Feb


Stock Replenishment Minimum Quantity Setting a minimum quantity to control whether the system creates Transfers based on whether the total reorder quantity exceeds the minimum quantity Article Link 2019 - Feb
General Afterpay Integration Integration with the Afterpay merchant facility Article Link 2019 - Jan
Shopify Multiple Store Support Integrate with multiple online Shopify Stores with a single Retail Express database. Article Link 2019 - Jan
POS Payment Types Added a large range of additional Payment Types to POS Article Link 2018 - Nov
Shopify Shopify Connection to Existing Stores Ability to integrate with existing Shopify stores and products using a new Product Mapping Tool Article Link 2018 - Oct
Accounting Xero Integration Integration with the Xero accounting system Article Link 2018 - Oct

Purchase Orders


Package support Order/Transfer Packages on Purchase Orders and Transfers Article Link 2018 - Oct
Accounting MYOB Accounting Data Export Ability to export files in a MYOB format, ready for direct upload to Desktop or Cloud versions of AccountRight Article Link 2018 - Aug
Accounting Accounting Reconciliation Reports New reports added to Retail Express to assist with summary and detailed reconciliations. Article Link 2018 - Aug
Inventory Custom Attributes Create new custom attributes for Retail Express products beyond the standard default attributes e.g. colour, size Article Link 2018 - Jul
Shopify Shopify Integration Brand new integration with the online Shopify eCommerce platform Article Link 2018 - Jul
Customers Home Outlet Account Statements Print statements with the customer's Home Outlet details displayed instead of the company details in the Global Settings. Article Link 2018 - Jul

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