Purchase Orders - Create POs via Upload

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The Purchase Orders Import feature is an incredibly efficient way to simultaneously create products (if they don't already exist in Retail Express) as well as adding the products to a Purchase Order. Orders are created as Incomplete, ready for editing before being placed On-Order.

Using the PO Upload feature you can create Purchase Orders for:

  • 1 Supplier a single Outlet
  • 1 Supplier for multiple Outlets
  • Multiple suppliers for 1 Outlet
  • 1 Supplier, 1 Outlet but with multiple invoices (separate order for each)

Download PO Template

To create a PO via Excel Template:

  1. Navigate to: Inventory > PO Management > Multi PO Upload
    Tip:  You can also select "Upload a PO via MS Excel" when creating a Purchase Order via the PO Manager
  2. Select the Create the Purchase Order For option as required (this will determine on the type of template available for download)
  3. Select the Country
  4. Select the Outlet
    Tip: To select multiple Outlets ensure you have selected the option "1 Supplier, for Multiple Outlets" and hold the Ctrl button to select the Outlets required
  5. Select the Supplier
    Tip: To select multiple suppliers ensure you have selected the option Multiple Suppliers for 1 Outlet" and hold the Ctrl button to select the Suppliers
  6. Click Get Excel Template
    Important: It's recommended to download a fresh template each time you need to do an upload to avoid any potential errors
  7. The file will be downloaded automatically

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Complete the Purchase Order Template

Depending on the create purchase orders options you selected, you will be presented with a different spread sheet template. All PO templates will be generated with:

  • Product Master sheet (to be used for creation of new products)
  • Purchase Order Details sheet that will create the PO/s for each Supplier / Outlet combination (the tab will have the name of the appropriate entity)
Option Example Template
1 Supplier, for 1 Outlet
1 Supplier, for multiple Outlets
Multiple Suppliers, for 1 Outlet
1 Supplier, 1 Outlet, and multiple invoices

To populate the template:

  1. Open the file downloaded in the previous step
  2. Click the Product Master sheet (used to create new products)
  3. Enter the product details
    Tip: This sheet behaves the same way as creating products via Mass Upload; if you're not creating new products you can skip this step
  4. Click on the remaining tabs (either Outlet, Supplier or Invoice)
  5. Enter the required product information
    Tip: Mandatory fields are highlighted in red
  6. Ensure you have entered a Quantity for each product in the Qty field
  7. Save the file

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Upload the Template (Create Purchase Orders)

To upload your Purchase Order/s:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > PO Management > Multi PO Upload
  2. Click the Upload Excel tab
  3. Select Browse 
  4. Navigate to the file you saved in the previous section
  5. Click OK 
  6. Click Upload
  7. Once the file has uploaded navigate to Inventory > PO Management > PO Manager
    Note: If there are errors in the file preventing the upload they'll be displayed at the bottom of the screen
  8. Change the PO Status filter to "Incomplete"
  9. Update the other Filters as required
  10. Click Search
  11. The Purchase Orders will be displayed
  12. Click the Purchase Order to open the order for editing
  13. Click Place On-Order to finalise creating the Purchase Order
    Note: the PO must be in the ON Order status to enable you to process a stock receipt or receive stock as available

    Important: If you're at all unsure if your Purchase Orders were created, ensure to check the PO Manager prior to performing the Upload again as this could duplicate the purchase orders.

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