Magento - Order synchronisation information

Version note: Magento 1.7

When a visitor places a sales order on your web store, the sale is immediately created in your Retail Express database ready for review and dispatch. This means your stock is immediately allocated and counted down from your available stock. The payment is immediately credited* and the customer's details are immediately available in your Retail Express database for that order.

Both online sales orders and In store orders are shown when your customer logs on to your web store and views their order history.

You can choose which outlet you want your sales orders to be sent to within Retail Express by selecting the outlet as the Primary Sales Outlet in the Sales Channel configuration.

*PayPal payments can take up to 15 minutes before PayPal respond that the payment was successful. These orders will be allocated immediately however payment may be up to 15 minutes later. If immediate payment has not been received the order will be sent to Retail Express, and the payment will need to be manually entered later. 


Synchronised Fields

Field Explanation
Retail Express Sales Order The sales order number you will use in Retail Express to refer to this order
Order Status Whether the sales order is Awaiting Payment, Processed (paid in full) or Cancelled.
Date Created The date the sales order was created
Private Comments The private comment field in Retail Express is used to store the shipping method for each product in the format of Freight:[Freight Method] e.g. Freight:Australia Post.
Full Customer details Full customer details as per the Customer synchronisation
Base Product details The quantity of products, which specific products, and which price they were purchased at
Full Payment Details The payment method used and for how much. Payment methods that exist in Retail Express will need to be mapped to the web store in the synchronisation configuration, otherwise the amount paid will not be synchronised and the order will appear as "Awaiting Payment".
Freight method If the freight method has a corresponding delivery driver in Retail Express, this will be displayed on the Logistics Fulfilment Report

Synchronisation Frequency

  • Online Sales Orders > In Store Sales Orders: After a successful sales order submission
  • Historical In Store Sales Orders > In Online Sales Orders: When a customer logs into your web store and clicks on the Order History screen