How can I track Serial Numbers for products I have sold ?


Adding the right information during the sale is the key.

If you sell products that have serial numbers, you can add the serial number to the sale and then be able to look it up whenever you need to.

Products such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers, Electronic Equipment, Guns or any other merchandise that has a serial number or even a batch number can be easily looked up using a basic report.


Add the serial number, IMEI or batch number to the product description in the sale.

During a sale, when you have added the item with the serial number, double click it to edit the details. Add the information to the product description.


The serial number will print on the customer invoice.


Here is the report to run to look that serial number up.

Menu > Reports > Product Performance > Item Sales Report

The item sales report allow you to search any date range for any type of product and includes filters for Supplier, Salesperson, Outlet, Brand, Size, Colour and Season.

Make your selection and click Search.

To find your item use the browser's Ctrl-F (find) key combination and type some or all of the serial number, the browser finds it for you !

You can see in the search results, the browser finds and highlights it for you.