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Using the Fulfilment Report to Dispatch Goods for Delivery

Quite often in furniture and other large goods retailers, there is a Dispatch & Warehouse team that coordinate the dispatch and delivery of goods. The dispatch process is best managed using the Fulfillment Report.

The Fulfilment Report has the ability to filter for products needing to be delivered within a selected date range, assisting your warehouse team in prioritising their dispatch schedule.

Using the below recommended process, you can ensure that only the products that have been successfully delivered are Fulfilled in your system and your inventory remains as accurate as possible.

To manage your dispatches, navigate to: Inventory > Fulfillment Report OR Quick Links > Fulfilment Report

Apply the required filters to display your required Orders for Dispatch.

For more detailed information please see: Fulfil Products from the Fulfilment Report


Once you have the list of Products requiring delivery, enter the dispatch quantity into the Disp column as you're picking the products from the shelves and loading them on the truck for delivery.


Once completed, click "Save As" in the top left corner of the report.


By using the Save As function, you are removing the Dispatched products from appearing in the Fulfilment Report for other users (only caveat being if they search for a specific customer the Products WILL display). However, the Save feature also allows you to correct any Dispatch quantities prior to submission, should they happen be returned to the warehouse due to not being delivered (e.g.: customer not home, stock damaged in transit etc.)

Enter a name for the Saved List and click Save. The list is now available via the "Saved Lists" tab at the top of the Fulfilment Report.


Once the Delivery Driver has returned, confirm any returning (undelivered) stock and edit the Dispatch quantities as required.

Click "Submit" - the Fulfilment of these Products and Orders order is now complete.

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