Integrated web stores - Managing Refunds/Cancellations of web orders

Version Note: Magento 1.x and 2.1, eCom API | Find FAQs and related articles at the bottom of this page

When sales are placed online the sale is immediately transferred to Retail Express. However this is not the case with refunds - no information is transferred. As a result it's necessary to perform a refund in both systems separately.

Using Shopify? View the detailed step-by-step guide for refunding Shopify orders paid through Afterpay or Zip here.

Important: Refunds must be processed separately in both systems, online and Retail Express (excluding Shopify refunds via Afterpay or Zip)

Depending on your business, when refunding your customer you may elect to return the money to the customer or provide them with a voucher/store credit.

  • Returning funds to the customer: 
    1. Process the refund using Retail Express (this will not synchronise to the web store)
    2. Use Retail Express to process the return of funds (if using an integrated payment method you will be able to refund the money e.g. Afterpay you can return the funds via the original transaction reference)
    3. Update the web store order within the web store admin (e.g. credit memo, refund, or cancelling the order altogether)
  • Voucher/store credit: If you choose to provide the customer with a voucher/store credit, the voucher can be created  either online or at the point of processing a refund through Retail Express (more details below)

If providing the customer with a Voucher, you will need to keep in mind the redemption of Retail Express Vouchers is only available through the Retail Express Shopify Connector (this feature is not supported through the eCommerce API integration, including Magento web stores).

For eCommerce API integrations the following alternative options are available:

  • Online Only vouchers: Vouchers/credits can be created directly on the web store as a promotional discount code to be redeemed online only. Refer to the Magento Promotions (Cart Price Rules) articles for more information.
    • When processing the refund in Retail Express use the payment type of "None" to adjust the balance owing to zero, and put in a comment related to the online voucher
    • If you choose to create a voucher in Retail Express with the same code as the Online Voucher you will need to track when this is used online. Once redeemed you should manually update the voucher in Retail Express so that it doesn't remain outstanding (otherwise it can potentially be used a second time).
  • In-store only: Vouchers/credits can be created directly within Retail Express. The customer will need to be advised they're in-store vouchers only and cannot be redeemed online. This option is covered in detail in Step 2 below.
  • Magento workaround for using Retail Express vouchers online: Retail Express vouchers are not synchronised through the Magento add-on; you will need to follow the instructions in the article Selling and Redeeming Gift Vouchers online to implement a workaround method for the customer to redeem vouchers online

You will need to first process the refund through Retail Express i.e. Retail Express is the "point of truth" for the order. This is processed using the standard Refund Process, with a few notable differences:

  • Payment type - if the payment method used was an integrated payment method (e.g. Afterpay, Zip) you will be prompted to return the funds automatically through the integration using the original transaction reference.
  • Voucher/credit - if you want to create a voucher for the customer to use online you will need to ensure that vouchers have been created in line with the online Gift Vouchers process (see the Magento - Selling and Redeeming Gift Vouchers Online and Shopify - Gift Voucher Integration articles for more detail).

During the refund you will need to ensure the money is returned to the customer, or voucher/credit if required. For non-integrated payment methods, this may require an additional step to manually return the funds via a merchant portal e.g. eWay.

Prerequisite: Ensure the Payment Type to be used during the refund has been enabled for use at POS e.g. if using the Tyro integration typically individual payment methods of Visa, Mastercard etc are disabled as Tyro automatically updates the Payment Type as part of the integration. Refer to the Payment Types article for more information.

To process a refund of a web order in Retail Express:

  1. Log into Retail Express
  2. Open POS
  3. Click the red Returns button
  4. Enter the User ID and click Log In
  5. Use the Search filters to find the original invoice
  6. Select the invoice and press Next
  7. Enter Quantities against the products to be returned by clicking the arrow next to the option (Saleable Stock is used for products that are available to resell and will update the Available quantity, Faulty Stock will be returned to stock as "Faulty", will not update the Available quantity and will not be available to sell)
  8. Click Next
  9. Edit the Refund Amount if required
  10. The Freight (if charged) will appear on a separate line; an amount can be added to this line if the value is being refunded
  11. Click Next
  12. A summary of the information that has been selected will be displayed
  13. Select a Reason for the refund from the drop-down box
    Tip: You can create custom Return Reasons - see the Return Reasons Setup article for more information. The Return Reason Report can be exported to Excel for detailed reporting on your Refunds.
  14. Click Create Refund to create the Refund/Exchange transaction
  15. The Products, Customers and Fulfilment tab are all populated automatically
  16. Click the Payment tab
  17. Choose your Refund Method, either by Creating a Voucher or Refunding the Payment using either of the methods below (if the payment method is an integrated Payment Type there are some additional steps to be completed e.g. Zip, Afterpay or credit cards where Tyro is connected)
  18. Click Finalise 
  19. Click Close

To create a voucher in Retail Express:

  1. Follow the instructions above to create the Refund transaction in Retail Express
  2. Instead of clicking the Payment tab click the Create Voucher button on the Products tab
  3. Select the Voucher Type
    Note: Credit Notes are not integrated with Shopify; you should choose a Gift Voucher, Goodwill Voucher or Promotional Voucher type.
  4. Amend the Voucher Value if required
  5. Click Create Voucher
  6. The voucher will be added to the sale
    (Click to enlarge)
  7. Click the Invoice tab
  8. Click Print Vouchers to print the voucher for the customer (this can be emailed to the customer manually if preferred)
  9. Click Finalise

If using a non-integrated Payment Method the Refund can be processed easily directly within POS. To refund the money:

  1. Click the arrow against the payment tender type e.g. CreditCard
  2. Click the button again to Pay
  3. The negative payment will be added to the sale
  4. Click Finalise

Note: Don't forget to manually refund the money to the customer as required during this step, using your payment merchant facilities if required.

Note: If the Payment Type doesn't appear you will need to configure the Payment Type to be Enabled and available at POS. 

Using Shopify? View the detailed step-by-step guide for refunding Shopify orders paid through Afterpay/Zip here.

To process the refund:

  1. Click the arrow for the Payment Method twice to allocate the negative payment
  2. Follow the prompts to process the return of funds against the original transaction reference
  3. The payment will be added to the right side of the screen
  4. Click Finalise

By processing the refund online it ensures that both systems are up-to-date. When the customer logs in online they will see the correct purchase history, including refunds.

Using Shopify? View the detailed step-by-step guide for refunding Shopify orders paid through Afterpay/Zip here.

The method you use to process a refund online depends on the eCommerce platform you're using. We have linked to the most common ones below, but for anything further you will need to direct your enquiry to your vendor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a Guest Checkout sale is created in Magento 2 the customer in Retail Express is a generic customer account and not an account specific to that customer. As sales are placed online the name and address details attached to this account will update to match the most recent invoice.

Important: When loading a Guest Checkout sale in POS the system will automatically load the customer details for the last invoice processed as a guest checkout, and not the customer details specific to this invoice. You will need to update the Customer details prior to processing the refund.

To update the customer details:

  1. Follow the instructions above to create the Refund transaction in POS
  2. As an additional step click on the Customers tab
  3. Click Remove Customer From Sale
    refunds_pos_customerstab_removecustomerfromsalebutton.png(Click to enlarge)
  4. Enter new information for the Customer
  5. Click Save Above as New Customer
  6. Process the rest of the refund as normal

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