Magento - Enabling Retail Express Payment Methods for Incoming Online Payments

Version note: Magento 1.x

The Payment Methods section of your synchronisation settings allows you to instruct the site to enter the payment against a specific Payment Method within your POS system when synchronising the order.

If you find that your payments aren't synchronising across, you should check your payment settings to ensure they have been configured correctly.

As you enable Payment Methods on your web store, they will be added to your synchronisation settings via System > POS System > Settings > Payment Methods.

In the example above, the “No Payment Information Required”, “PayPal Billing Agreement” and “Credit Card” options have been enabled. You need to choose from the dropdown next to each method which Retail Express Payment Type the payment will be entered into Retail Express via. For example, if you enable the “PayPal” payment type in Retail Express, you would choose that from the drop down next to the “PayPal Billing Agreement” method, and when a customer used “PayPal Billing Agreement” at the checkout, the invoice created in Retail Express would have the payment on it as the “PayPal” payment type.

If you do not see one of your Retail Express Payment Types when trying to map the Payment Method, it is either because the Payment Type is not enabled in Retail Express or a synchronisation has not been completed since it was enabled. You can check your enabled Payment Types in Retail Express via:

  1. Navigate to Menu > System Settings > Payment Types
  2. Tick the Enabled check box next to the payment type
  3. If you have Loyalty enabled and would like the customer to accrue Loyalty Points when paying with this method, tick the Loyalty box.
  4. You can also hide your Payment Method so it doesn't appear on the POS by leaving the POS button unticked e.g. if you have Tyro integrated on POS you don't want the "CreditCard" option to show as well, so you can leave the POS option unticked
  5. Press Update to save the changes

Once you have enabled the payment type, perform a manual product synchronisation on your site to make the new payment type available.

Just a reminder, the available methods to be mapped online are:

  • Credit Card (SecurePay, eWay)
  • Post pay methods (AfterPay, Zip Money)
  • Pay Pal