How do I discount certain Products on Mass for a Specfic Outlet or Outlets?

The quickest way is to Mass download (Inventory > Mass Download) the Product Types and Suppliers that your wanting to discount, then open it in Excel. Here's a example of how to do 20% off:

**Firstly check that you are within the Outlet Specific named worksheet and not the Product Master.**

In the DiscountPrice column, cell L11, input:

='Product Master'!P11*0.8

Then press enter and you should get 20% of the original value in the Product Master. If so drag that down to the bottom then in L11 input a date in Discount Start eg 15/08/2014 and in M11 input in the Discount End eg 30/10/2014 and paste that into every cell next to the discount price.

Then simply make sure that you save the worksheet and upload it. After upload the products will have 20% off at the store for all those products up to and including the Discount End Date.

**If your doing this process while your trading please make sure you delete the numbers under the "Qty" column heading (column G) as these are the stock levels as of the Mass Download and if your trading in the back ground and upload this file say 1 day later then you will unintentionally edit your stock levels back to what they were 1 day ago.**