Inventory - Uploading Product Images

Product images are displayed in POS as a way to easily identify products. For example, using images in the Cross sells section makes it faster for staff to be able to select the appropriate product without needing to read the text to verify the product. Within POS you'll be able to see the product image in:

  • The Edit Product window in POS (accessed by double clicking or press & holding on the product)
  • Cross / up sells window
  • Quick Product Categories

To upload a Product Image:

  1. Open Back Office
  2. Navigate to Inventory > Product Search & Management 
  3. Open the product to be edited
  4. Click the Product tab
  5. Click Upload New Image
  6. Click Choose File
  7. Select the image to be uploaded
  8. Click Upload
  9. Use the buttons to reposition the image if required
  10. Click Preview to view the changes (the images will appear on the right)
  11. Click Save & Close to select the image

Repeat the steps for any further products to upload their images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To remove a product image, you'll need to replace it with a blank image file. We have provided a blank image file for your convenience.

  1. Click the link below to open the sample file
  2. Right click on the image
  3. Select Save Image As
  4. Save the file
  5. Follow the steps above to upload the blank image as a new product image

Download Blank Product Image