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Using the Retail Express POS it's possible to create a very simple and fast sales transaction without using any of the advanced features within POS. This is useful for standard cash and carry transactions, where there are no customer details and the order has been paid in full.

Before you begin: You will need to log into POS using a valid User ID and Password. The User ID can either be entered by using your keyboard, or, if you have your User ID printed as a bar code on a plastic card, then simply swipe your bar-code through your attached bar code scanner. For more information refer to the POS - Accessing POS/Logging In article for more information.

Create a Quick Sale

To create a sale within POS:

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  1. In the New Sale field enter your User ID
  2. A new blank Sales Transaction window will be displayed
  3. Add Products to the sale on the Products tab
  4. Take a payment for the sale on the Payments Tab
  5. Finalise the sale
  6. Print a receipt/invoice on the Invoice tab, or email a copy of the invoice to the customer
  7. Close the window to return to the main window of POS ready for the next sale

See below for detailed information on each step.

Product Tab

When you first open a blank sale within the POS, the Products tab is the first page you will see. To add products to the sale you have the following options:

  • PLU Scan field
  • Product Search
  • Quick Products (refer to the Quick Products article for more information on this functionality)

Typically in a standard quick sale the first two options are used:

To use the PLU scan field you can use any of the following options:

  • Type the Product Code and click Enter
  • Scan the barcode for the product
  • Type the partial product code to display a drop-down of matching options (the more characters typed the more refined the results will be), click the appropriate product or use the down arrow on the keyboard and press Enter

 Using the Product Search feature it's possible to view additional information about the product, including:

  • Product attributes - size, colour, brand
  • Available Inventory (the total number of products available to be sold not including products committed to other sales/transfers etc)
  • Total Inventory on Hand (the total number of products including those committed to other sales/transfers)
  • Price


If you make a mistake and need to remove a product from the sale:

  1. Click on the item row to highlight the product
  2. Click the Trash Can icon on the far right of the column headings

Tip: Click the Trash Can icon without selecting any products to bulk delete all products from the sale.


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Take a Payment

To take payment/s for the sale:

  1. Click on the Payment tab
  2. The bottom right will display the Order Total and Balance Due
  3. If taking cash payment/s click on the icons for the notes received e.g. if the customer provides a $5 note, clicking $20 will immediately add $5 in cash to the sale. These buttons can be pressed repeatedly for multiple notes
  4. For other payment types including EFTPOS/Credit Card or Finance, you can either:
    • Click on the arrow under the payment type to add the value to the input box, then click it again to add the payment to the sale
    • Click in the white input box for the payment type > type in a value > click Enter or the Pay button
  5. As payments are recorded they will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, and the Balance Due will be updated
  6. Add any remaining payments until the Balance Due is zero
  7. To delete a payment click on the payment line on the right-hand side and click the Trash Can icon

Did you know: Retail Express offers integrated payment solutions, including Tyro and PC EFTPOS/Linkly. Using the integration, you can select the payment type, use the payment terminal to swipe cards etc and the amount will be transferred back to Retail Express automatically for you (saving time, and reducing the risk of incorrectly entered payment amounts). See the related articles below for more information on available integrations.

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Finalise the Sale

To finalise the sale:

  1. Click the Finalise button
  2. If the Balance Due value is $0 the sale will be finalised (if there is a balance remaining you will be prompted to either enter a customer for a Layby or add any additional payments)
  3. Press Close to close the window and return to the main window of POS ready for the next sale

Tip: Retail Express has a time-saving feature to bypass the Invoice tab when the Finalise button is pressed (which completes the sale and returns to the main window of POS ready for the next sale). This feature can save a lot of time during peak sales periods; refer to the POS - Order Settings article for more information. If a Receipt or Invoice is required, the Invoice and Receipt Settings article also explains how to automatically print at the time of Finalise.

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Print a Receipt or Invoice

To manually print a Receipt or invoice:

  1. Click on the Invoice tab
  2. A preview of the invoice will be displayed
  3. To print an invoice click the Print Invoice button
  4. To print a receipt click the Print Receipt button

If one of the options is greyed out you may not have an appropriate printer installed. Refer to the Receipt Printer article for more information.


Tip: Retail Express has a time-saving feature to automatically print a receipt or invoice when the Finalise button is pressed. This feature can save a lot of time during peak sales periods. Refer to the Invoice and Receipt Settings article for more information.

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Email an Invoice

Using POS you can also email an invoice, rather than print a physical copy. The invoice is attached as a PDF to the email, with the body of the email customisable through the use of POS Email Templates. This includes the ability to have a personal greeting using the customer name.

To send the Invoice as an email:

  1. Click the Invoice tab of the order within POS
  2. Select either the Invoice, Dispatch or Delivery tab depending on the type of email and Invoice to be sent
  3. Navigate to the Email section of the order on the bottom right-hand corner:pos_orderemailpos.png
  4. Select a Template from the drop-down list
  5. The To email will automatically update with the customer's email address, this can be overwritten if required
  6. Enter a CC to include any additional recipients
  7. Review the Subject of the email and modify if required
  8. Enter any additional text in the Email Message field
    Tip: the default text is configured in the Email Template
  9. Click Preview to see a preview of the email
  10. Click Send Email

The email will be sent to the customer with the Invoice attached as a PDF.

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