POS - Look Up search feature

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The POS Look up functionality allows you to find information required at the POS quickly and efficiently. The lookup functionality is typically used to check on stock based on a customer enquiry, but in addition to that the Look Up functionality can also display:

  • Sales Orders, Invoices and Quotes
  • Products (including Pricing & Stock Availability)
  • Customers (including their sale history)
  • Vouchers
  • Transfers

Tip: Using the Look Up functionality you can quickly create a sale containing the information you searched for, or open an existing sale. Find more information on this process below.

Video Overview

Accessing Look up

  1. Within Retail Express click POS from the navigation bar
  2. Log in using an appropriate User account
  3. Click Look Up from the menu at the bottom
  4. Enter an appropriate User ID
  5. The Look Up functionality will be displayed

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Using the Look up function

The Look up function is broken up into 4 search areas:

  1. Sales Orders, Invoices & Quotes
  2. Products, Pricing & Stock
  3. Customers
  4. Other (used for Vouchers and Transfers)

To search for information you have two choices available:

  • Quick search - the most common filters readily available on the Look Up window
  • Advanced Search - more detailed columns for customised searches (accessed by clicking the Search button in the bottom right-hand corner of each section)

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