Stock Control

This article applies to the following menu options:

Reports > Stock Reports > Stock Control

The Stock Control function will show you all products that meet certain criteria of your choice, including a full stock table that shows quantities across all stock statuses, for the outlets you choose.



First you need to choose which Outlet(s) you would like to see the stock tables for.

You can choose one or more Outlets at a time using the mouse pointer and a combination of the Ctrl and Shift buttons on your Keyboard.

Note: This search function requires partial match only. That means that if you choose to show all "On Order" stock at Sydney and Brisbane, it will return a list of products that have stock On Order in either Sydney or Brisbane.

Product Type:

By default the first Product Type in the list is selected, as you must choose at least one product type.

You can choose one or more Product Types at a time using the mouse pointer and a combination of the Ctrl and Shift buttons on your Keyboard.

Sort Order:

The sort order will default to Product ID, however you can choose to change the order to Price (based off global Buy Ex price in Ascending Order), SupplierSKU or Product Description, as well as being able to group the results by Product Type using a simple "Yes" or "No" dropdown option.


You need to tick the check boxes for any stock levels you want to filter the results by.

Remembering that the search is only partial match, and if you only choose, for example, "Available > 0", it will only show products that have Available > 0 in any of the outlets you choose.

 Once you have chosen the search options you'd like to search on, press the "Run Report" button.


The results show a line per product which includes (From left column to right column, top to bottom) the ID (ProductID), SKU (SupplierSKU), CODE (ManufacturerSKU), Short Description, Global Buy Ex Price, Global POS Price and a complete Inventory Table, including stock levels in each stock status as well as Outlet Specific POS price (if applicable).

Included below the individual product lines is a subtotals row, which subtotals the number of products as well as the subtotals of the different stock statuses.

When grouped by Product Type, there will be a different subtotal section per Product Type, which will then be totalled in the final, darker orange totals bar.


While this report is designed to display information only, there is the ability to print the results by using the "Print" button at the bottom of the page, just below the totals bar..