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Once you have sent your Purchase Order (PO) to a supplier, the inventory (and  PO) that you've ordered will be in the ‘On Order’ status. When your stock actually arrives, you can check it against the original purchase order, receipt it and make it Available for sale.

The Stock Receipt process caters for receiving both local (domestic) purchase orders which are ordered and received in the same currency, as well as overseas / foreign purchase orders received with alternate currencies.

There are two methods to perform a Stock Receipt:

  • Stock Receipt (Basic) - is designed as a quick and streamlined version for receipting stock, requiring you to enter only basic information.
  • Stock Receipt - offers extended functionality to allow you to receipt international purchase orders, handle bulk discounts, back order products and more.

Stock Receipt method comparison

Stock Receipt (Basic) Stock Receipt
Local Purchase Orders Local and International Purchase Orders with alternate currencies
No access to International Purchase Order fields

Access to all International Purchase Order fields:

‘Total Payments’, ‘Currency Conversion Factor’ and ‘Landed Cost Factor’ available

‘Previous Payments Made’ and ‘Estimated Payments Remaining’ available

All item discrepancies go to the POE Manager Allow item discrepancies to go to POE or Back-order
No bulk level discounts function  Ability to apply bulk or inline product discounts
Season and Brand detail removed from Product Attributes field Season and Brand detail available in Product Attributes field


Stock Receipt when you have the PO number

Navigate to : Inventory > PO Management > Stock Receipt


Stock Receipt when you do not know the PO Number

If not sure on the exact PO number you can use the PO Manager to find it, you can use the search filters provided, such as using the date range, and the supplier list, an also the order status of ‘On order’. Once your purchase order is displayed on the screen, press the ‘R’ button, located on the right side of the order (‘R’ stands for ‘Receive’).

Navigate to: Inventory > PO Management > PO Manager

Refer to the instructions below to learn how to receive stock in each of these circumstances. The process is different for each, so it’s important to follow the steps below.

Receiving a ‘Local’ Purchase Order in Retail Express


Receiving a ‘Foreign / International’ Purchase Order


Save your progress during a Stock Receipt

Save your progress at any stage during the Stock Receipt process by clicking the Save in Progress button. The status of the Stock Receipt will moved from 'On Order' to 'Receiving In Progress' and this Stock Receipt can be returned to and completed later.

Any stock quantities entered, or prices changed will be saved, along with Purchase Order Exception (POE) reasons.

The stock movement and cost is not updated at the Product level until you 'Receive Stock as Available'.


Continue a Saved Stock Receipt

Search the required Purchase Order number via either: Inventory > PO Management > Stock Receipt > enter the required PO number, OR: Inventory > PO Management > PO Manager > enter the PO into the PO No field. Then continue the Stock Receipt process as normal.


Search for all Stock Receipts that are 'In Progress'

Navigate to: Inventory > PO Management > PO Manager > select the PO Status 'Receiving In Progress' > click Search


Add or Remove Products from a Saved (In Progress) stock receipt

In order to add or remove products from a Stock Receipt with the status or 'In Progress' you are required to edit the actual Purchase Order.

  1. Search for the required Purchase Order via: Inventory > PO Management > PO Manager > enter the required PO No > click Search.
  2. Click the edit (pencil) icon of the associated PO to open the Purchase Order edit screen.
  3. Go to the Add Items tab:
  • to edit the Order Quantity -  click the edit (pencil) icon for a product > adjust the Quantity > click Save Changes
  • to add a single Product - enter the Product ID or SKU into the Search field > click Add Item
  • to add multiple Products - click the Product Search button to use filters to search for and select multiple Products.
  • to remove the Product from the PO - click the Delete (trashcan) icon to remove the product

Note: If you Delete a Product from an In Progress stock receipt, and you have previously entered a Receiving Qty (RCVing), that saved RCVing Qty will remain saved against the product in the Stock Receipt - these values will need to be removed/zeroed at the time of completing the Stock Receipt.


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