Purchase Orders - Comparing the different Stock Receipt Methods

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Once you have sent your Purchase Order (PO) to a supplier, the inventory (and  PO) that you've ordered will be in the ‘On Order’ status. When your stock arrives, you can check it against the original purchase order, receipt it and make it Available for sale.

The Stock Receipt process caters for:

  • Simple or more advanced options for receiving stock
  • Receiving local (domestic) purchase orders which are ordered and received in the same currency
  • Receiving overseas / foreign purchase orders received with alternate currencies
  • Saving your Progress (not available for Quick Receive)

Stock Receipt Method Comparison

There are three methods to perform a Stock Receipt (click on the name to view detailed instructions on that method):

Quick Receive Stock Receipt (Basic) Full Stock Receipt
Local Purchase Orders Local Purchase Orders Local and International Purchase Orders with alternate currencies

Streamlined interface

No access to International Purchase Order fields

No access to International Purchase Order fields

Access to all International Purchase Order fields:

‘Total Payments’, ‘Currency Conversion Factor’ and ‘Landed Cost Factor’ available

‘Previous Payments Made’ and ‘Estimated Payments Remaining’ available

No discrepancy handling - stock received in full All item discrepancies go to the POE Manager Allow item discrepancies to go to POE or Back-order
No discounting functions No bulk level discounts function  Ability to apply bulk or inline product discounts
Individual product details not visible Season and Brand detail not displayed in Product Attributes field Season and Brand detail available in Product Attributes field
Available when creating an Incomplete/New Purchase Order, or editing an order in On-Order or Back Orders status.  Available via: Inventory > PO Management > Stock Receipt (Basic)

Available via Inventory > PO Management > Stock Receipt


Inventory > PO Management > PO Manager > Search using the filter > Click R for Receive on the correct PO

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