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Inventory - Fulfil Products from the Fulfilment Report

The Fulfilment Report is designed to allow you to process the Fulfilment, or supply, of multiple orders at once.

The Fulfilment Report details the individual Products within each Order, allowing you to address your fulfilment at an individual Product level. i.e. you can choose to Fulfil some items on an order and leave others for future Fulfilment.

This can be especially beneficial if you offer home deliveries or you're a retailer that sends out several orders worth of products via large deliveries at pre-scheduled times.

To access the Fulfilment Report, navigate to: Inventory > Fulfilment Report OR Quick Links > Fulfilment Report


The Filters assist you in targeting the Products that you wish to Fulfil.

Note: you must either set the Ordered From and Ordered To date, OR remove the date range completely to search

Filtering fields explained

Invoice Number

Enter a customer Invoice Number to detail the Product/s on a single Order

Product PLU Code

Enter a ProductID or Supplier SKU to target a single product or style

Customer Name

Enter a customer name to target orders relating to that customer

Ordered From and To

Enter a Date range that the invoice was created between

Only Show Stock Available for Picking

When ticked, the results will only show the products that (according to Retail Express) you actually have stock Available to perform Fulfilment.

Delivery From and To

Only products that had a manual Fulfilment/Delivery Date entered when sold (at POS) AND whose Fulfilment Date is within the range, will be included in the results.

This will ignore all products that did not have a manual Fulfilment/Delivery date entered when sold.

Purchase Order Number

Enter the Purchase Order number created automatically by a sale at POS.

This option will only display Purchase Orders that were automatically created by Retail Express using the "Auto Generate PO" settings for the products sold and will not include Products from Purchase Orders that were manually created.

Purchase Order Options

Example: if an order contains Product A and Product B, and Product A was ordered on the Purchase Order listed above, then ticking this check box will show both Product A and Product B in the results, while un-ticking this check box will ONLY display Product A.

Sort By

The Default sorting is via Invoice Date. Select from the drop-down menu for any other preference.

Select any other filters as required and click Search. 

Results are displayed with the oldest invoice dates toward the top - this can assist you in reviewing and actioning older Invoices.

There are threes different methods you can use to Fulfil or organise the Results:

Option 1 - Dispatch (Disp)

Manually enter the Disp Quantity against each Product that you wish to dispatch

Option 2 - Use PLU Scan

Scan Products using a barcode scanner. This will perform a search and match against either SupplierSKU or ProductID. Each time you scan a barcode it will increase the Disp column by 1 for the first result in the list.

Note: where you have multiple line orders for the same Product (ie: multiple invoices for differing customers awaiting the same Product) the PLU Scan will increase the Disp column for the first result in the list. Once the first matching Product in the list has the full Order quantity entered into the Disp column, the search will move to the next matching Product, and so on until the last barcode is scanned.

Option 3 - Use Copy Across

Use Copy Across to populate the Disp column of ALL results with the full Ordered quantity.

Note: please exercise caution in using the Copy Across function. Bulk Fulfilment of orders processed in this way cannot be reversed.

Other fields and actions


Enter a note for the Delivery Driver to see when using XLS Runsheet C (see XLS Runsheet A, B, C below)

This note will only appear on the Runsheet if you Save the list. Once Saved, generate the XLS Runsheet C via he Saved List.

Zone, Time and Driver

Select Zone, Time and Driver (previously configured options) from he drop-down options to better organise the delivery and manage Fulfilment.

Example: if you run the Fulfilment Report and sort by Suburb, you could assign all Deliveries within the Suburbs to a Zone - with the nearest suburbs having the earliest Time and the farthest having the latest Time, yet they are ALL assigned to a single Driver.

XLS Picklist

Generate a Pick List (in Excel format) to provide to your staff to "Pick" the products for Fulfilment.


  • Report - print the report to your A4 printer
  • Labels - Print packing labels from your A4 Printer. These are basic Pre-Formatted labels that contain Delivery Address, Delivery Name, Return Address and Return Name, to be attached to the box the goods are packaged in.
  • Invoices - print a POS A4 Invoice for each Invoice included in the results.
  • Note: Invoices are consolidated, where multiple Products exist on the same Invoice number within the Results, a single Invoice is generated. This can be used if you'd like to include a copy of the A4 Invoice with the goods being delivered to the customer.

 XLS Runsheet A, B & C

Generates one of three different versions of Excel runsheets which can be printed and supplied to your Delivery Drivers.

These Runsheets include different combinations of customer and delivery address information, product information, notes/comments and a place for customers to sign off on Delivery.

Review each Runsheet to determine which is more suitable for your specific business operations.

Save or Submit?

Once you have made changes, select either:

  • Submit - which will fulfil the Products immediately and apply all of the changes, or
  • Save - enter a name into the Save As field and Save. This will save the results as a Saved List but won't submit the Fulfilments.

Products added to Saved Lists will NOT appear in the Fulfilment Report for other users (unless they search for a specific customer) 

The Saved List also allows you to correct any Dispatch Qtys of Products that may come back if they're unable to be delivered.

The Saved Lists allow you to correct any Dispatch Qtys of Products that may come back if they're unable to be delivered prior to Submitting for Fulfilment.

Important Notes:

  • Products within Saved Lists have NOT had the Products Submitted for Fulfilment yet
  • Products added to Saved Lists will NOT appear in the Fulfilment Report for other users (unless a search is performed for a specific customer) 

To access your Saved Lists, navigate to: Inventory > Fulfilment Report OR Quick Links > Fulfilment Report

Click the Saved Lists tab. All Saved Lists are displayed regardless of date 


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