Web store - Viewing the requested web store order delivery method

The Fulfilment Report is the recommended way within Retail Express to view all of your incoming web store sales and process them ready for shipping.

Depending on the shipping methods you have enabled, you may wish to process some orders as a higher priority than others. e.g.: Express Shipping may have a higher priority than Free Shipping. 

The Delivery Driver function in Retail Express allows you to match information to the Shipping Method from your web store - thereby enabling filtering within the Fulfilment Report and processing of your sales more efficiently.

To access the Fulfilment Report, navigate to: Inventory > Fulfilment Report OR Quick Links > Fulfilment Report

When selecting your filters, ensure to include the required Delivery Driver/s (as mapped to the web store Shipping Method)

When viewing the results, the Delivery Driver information is available for each Order.

To configure your Delivery Drivers in Retail Express, navigate to: Settings > Fulfilment Setup > Delivery Drivers.

To configure the Titles of your Shipping Methods within your web store, navigate to: System > Configuration > Shipping Methods

Note: the name of your Delivery Driver must match exactly the Title of your Shipping Method. Neither can contain 'illegal' characters, including hyphens.

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