Purchase Orders - Purchase Order (PO) Manager

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The PO Manager is an advanced search feature to find and manage Purchase Orders within the system. Using the PO Manager, you can edit and receive your orders, as well as consolidate multiple outstanding Incomplete orders.

If using international Purchase Orders, the Advanced Search Options will allow you to search based on the Sailed date, Deposit and Balances, Time of Departures and more. For more information refer to the Purchase Orders - Receive an International Order article 

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Using the PO Manager

To use the Purchase Order Manager:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > PO Management > PO Manager
  2. Select from the filters as required
  3. Click Search
  4. A list of Purchase Orders matching the filters will be displayed
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  5. Click the pencil icon to edit the Purchase Order mceclip1.png
  6. Click the button to receive the Purchase Order mceclip2.png
    Related: For information on receiving Purchase Orders refer to the Purchase Orders - Receive a Purchase Order article
  7. Click the button to add a payment to the Purchase Order mceclip4.png
    Tip: Payments are generally used for International Purchase Orders; for more information refer to the Purchase Orders - Receive an International Order article
  8. To bulk update Orders to be On-Order, tick the checkbox on the right and click Place Selected On-Order
  9. To merge multiple Incomplete Purchase Orders, tick the checkbox on the right and click Consolidate Selected
    Tip: Consolidating Purchase Orders will cancel the original Orders, and create a new single Purchase Order per Supplier/Outlet combination with all products from the selected Orders using the currently Supplier Buy Price at the time of consolidation 

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Search Filters

Most of the filtering fields are self explanatory, however see the detailed information below for the more advanced fields.

Reference PO Number Compared to the PO No field, the Reference PO Number is the new Purchase Order number generated if you chose the Re-Order option from the POE Manager
External Order ID The Order ID used in the external ordering system if using an API integration
Special Order

Used to control whether Special Order results should be included in the Search results. Special Orders are included by default using the "Show All Orders" filter.

Advanced Search Options

The filters in this section mainly apply to International Purchase Orders. For more information refer to the Purchase Orders - Receive an International Order article

Linked Transfer Stage

When using Stock Replenishment to create Purchase Orders, you can consolidate your orders to be delivered to a single Outlet for holding.

As part of this process, Retail Express automatically creates Transfers in the system for when the stock should be transferred to the Outlets. You can select a "Transfer stage", so that when the PO is received the Transfer status is automatically updated. 

For more information on this process refer to the Consolidated Delivery section in the Purchase Orders - Consolidating Delivery to a single Outlet with Transfers article. 

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