Transfers - Pick an Allocated Transfer

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The Advanced Method for managing Transfers allows more flexibility by providing extra statuses for holding of stock, including Picking. By picking your stock for the Transfer, you will action and progress your stock internal transfer to the next stage using the Advanced Method. 

Picking a Transfer

To Pick an Allocated Transfer:

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Transfer Management > Pick
  2. Update the Filters as required (see the next section for detailed information)
  3. Click Search
  4. Click the Column Headings to sort the results
    Note: sorting of the columns will refresh the page and erase any quantities you have entered. Ensure to apply sorting prior to entering any quantities.
  5. To action the transfer use one of the following methods
    1. Scan products directly into the PLU Scan field (each scan will increase the Pick field by a quantity of x 1)
    2. Enter quantities directly into the Pick column for each product
    3. Click Copy Across to process in bulk - the Allocated Qty is copied into the Pick field
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  6. Click Export to Excel to export the report
  7. Enter a title into the Save As field to save your progress
  8. Click Save Changes
  9. Press OK to update the inventory
  10. The Transfer will be moved onto the next stage - Dispatch

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Special Filters

Most of the filtering fields are self explanatory, however see the detailed information below for the more advanced fields.

Transfer Number Entering a transfer number in this field will ignore all other search options. A transfer number that is not available to be moved to the Allocated status will return no results.
Transfer Type Limit the results to only the ticked Transfer Type. Multiple options can be ticked
Only show Available for Picking Limit the results to only the ticked Transfer Type. Multiple options can be ticked
Delivery Limit the results to only the ticked Delivery Method. Note: only Customer Order have a Delivery Method
Product PLU Valid PLUs are: SupplierSKU, ManufacturerSKU and Product ID. Enter multiple PLUs separated by a comma.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you find you cannot access one of the Transfer statuses, it may be because the transfer was created via the Simple Method.

  • Simple Transfers - only progress through the statuses Proposed > Dispatched and Made Available.
  • Advanced Transfers - can progress through additional stages: Proposed > Request > Allocate > Pick > Dispatch > Receive > Make Available

You can identify the method used upon creation by editing the Transfer and viewing the Mode.

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