POS Settings - E-Mail Template Manager

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This article will guide you through the process of creating an email template. These templates can be found in the email setting in the invoice tab of your POS.

To edit a Template:

  1. Navigate to Settings > POS Settings > Email Templates
  2. Click New Template to create a new template
  3. Complete the fields as required
  4. Click the P Placeholder button to select and enter a Placeholder e.g. selecting "Customer First Name" will automatically insert the customer's first name from their account when sending the email.
  5. Click Save Changes to save the template
  6. To select the new template use the Template dropdown in POS

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Frequently Asked Questions

When sending emails from POS all mail is delivered via a central Retail Express server. This means there is no ability to see what has been sent or not sent out.

If you want to track the emails sent from the POS to ensure they have sent, we recommend using one of your "in store" email addresses as the default CC address in the email template. This will include you on every invoice sent out, and you will be able to see the customer email address it was sent to.

Tip: This feature is also available for supplier emails when sending out purchase orders. To assign a default CC address to purchase orders navigate to Settings > Global Settings.

  1. Navigate to Settings > POS Settings > Email Templates
  2. Edit a template using the process above
  3. Add your email address to the CC Email Address(es) field
  4. Log out of POS

Tip: try and use a CC email address different to your "From" email address. Some mail providers will detect when sending to/from the same address and will reject the mail upon receipt (due to a suspected email loop).

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