POS Settings - General POS Settings

The POS General settings section controls settings related to the standard use of POS. The available settings are listed below in more detail.

To change the settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings > POS Settings > General POS Settings
  2. Update the settings as required
  3. Click Save

General Settings

Field Details
Preferred Product Code Determines which Product Code will be used to generate the barcode on documents in Back Office including Purchase Orders and Transfers.
Default Delivery Mode

The default delivery method when adding products to the sale e.g. Cash & Carry, Delivery.

This can be changed individually on a sale in POS by clicking the icon for an individual product, or the pencil icon in the header to update all products.


Default to Partial Dispatch

Ticking this option means all sales will have the Partial Fulfil button in POS ticked by default. Products can then be sent to the customer individually, instead of waiting for all products to be available before the sale can be fulfilled.


Display Private Comments on Fulfilment Report

Comments entered in POS will be displayed in the Fulfilment Report. This feature is perfect for sending instructions to staff responsible for dispatching the sale e.g. Customer requested items to be delivered to the back door.

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Theme The default POS theme. Themes can be changed from the main window of POS, refer to the article POS - Changing POS Themes for more information. 

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