Inventory - Methods to create Products

When working with new or existing products there are number of approaches you can take depending on the what you're wanting to achieve. Access links to the top six Knowledge Base articles detailing processes for creating, editing and working with product information.


For a full overview, including all six methods below, click HERE to view the Product Creation webinar.


1. Creating a Product Manually        

2. Duplicating a Product             

3. Creating a Package Product 

4. Create or Edit Products by Mass Upload and Mass Download              

5. Create Products and order them on Mass 

6. Adding Product images to display in POS


Remember - there are six mandatory fields for product information:

1. Supplier SKU/Barcode - Unique code to identify each product by
2. Description - Product Details/Information
3. Product Type  - The department or category the product belongs to
4. Supplier Code - The code of the supplier your order the product from.
5. Buy Ex The cost price (ex tax) which you purchase the item for.
6. POS Price Inc. The price the item sells for in the POS.