How to round product prices at POS

In many retail situations it is often convenient to round your products prices to the nearest whole dollar value. This article will show you the setting needed to put rounding into place for your products in Retail Express.

The setting we are looking for is "Round GP Target Prices By" and can be found through the menu path:


Settings > POS Settings > Products Settings 

Once you have navigated to the Product Settings screen you will see the below options. The rounding options can be chosen by clicking on the drop down menu, these are rounding to the nearest 1c, 5c, 10c, 50c and nearest $1 (whole dollar). Simply select your rounding options from this menu and click save changes

After changing our rounding value we need to then apply this to each product you wish to round the prices for. This can be done in two simple ways, either through each product edit screen individually or through products search and management.


Product edit method: Best used for individual product editing

Simply type your productID or SupplierSKU in the product search bar in the upper right hand corner of your Retail Express back office. Apply a new markup % value to your product and click save changes as seen in the screen image below. Your product will now be rounded to the nearest whole $ value 


Product Search and management method: Best used for mass editing of products 

This is the second way in which you can apply the new rounding of your markup percentages to products, this is a particularly handy method if you are applying a markup percentage to more than one product. Simply navigate to Inventory > Product Search and Management and search for you products using the appropriate search filters. Now you can apply a price rule to these products using the action section above the search results. Enter your desired markup % figure, select your desired apply to option and then click apply (see image below). All appropriate products will now have a rounded markup % target applied.